Our Story

Sat-Scan is the only Australian-based company that processes satellite data and imagery from space agencies and aerospace companies
in the USA and Europe to provide geographic analytics and intelligence for any location on Earth.

Sat-Scan helps clients mitigate risks associated with changes in geography through the use of data science and analysis of satellite imagery.

The Sat-Scan solution is uniquely positioned in the market, with applications that provide real-time tracking and monitoring of your assets, alerting you to any subsidence or risks to structural stability.

Sat-Scan has the intelligence and accuracy to detect movement down to 1-2mm off baseline, providing you with the confidence to make decisions to proactively protect your valuable infrastructure.

Using Sat-Scans’ intelligent intelligence you could save immense amounts by detecting the smallest movements. Based on a past example, a 1-2mm movement cost an estimated $209m to $10b in share value and remedial deployment, even before community impact.

On paper, the Sat-Scan team who work behind the scenes are misfits. From different backgrounds, ages, sexes, cultures and, in the case of the Founders, somewhat follicly challenged, all of us are proudly Australian, with the collective aim of building out a new sovereign capability.

Collectively there are 30+ years of experience within the space industry and close to 100 years in business. Sat-Scan’s Founders provide deep expertise across the full life cycle from building and launching satellites, all the way to producing reports for Industry.

Sat-Scan is the only processing company in Australia (in-house), affording you the utmost in QA control, integrity and security. Our data-processing has been verified by some of the leading minds in the Global Space Industry, based in Europe, whose skill sets include PhDs in Earth Sciences and expertise in measuring and modelling landslide and subsidence motions, including building and infrastructure deformations – expertise that has been relied upon as evidence in European Courts.

Meet The Founders

Krish Patel


  • Author of a chapter for ‘Think Big – How To Thrive In Life & Business In A Rapidly Changing World’ – foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • Board Member (until 2018): CIM Enviro (www.cimenviro.com)
  • Partner – Entrepreneurs & Emerging Companies – Top 10 Global Accounting Firms
  • Consultant – Virgin Management Limited (‘VML’) 
  • Business Analyst, BICC Balfour Beatty Construction & Civil Engineering Ltd, UK
  • University: The London School of Economics (LSE)

Ian Corley


  • Ian is an experienced executive and thought leader in the Talent space
  • Managing Partner, Sydney at MRI Worldwide, at one point, the worlds’ largest executive search company – and has specialized in emerging technology around the globe since 1997  
  • VP of Sales for a HR software company, gaining full exposure to HR tech and systems and digital integration
  • BA(Hons) Business Management

Brian Lim


  • Brian has founded a hyperspectral imaging company and others in the space industry in the USA and Australia. 
  • Brian has also been the Technical Lead for the Fishburners Incubator in Sydney.
  • Entrepreneur in residence for the Singularity University incubator’s cohort
  • Other consultancy work includes advising PWC France on the establishment of a European Space Bond